Rainbow Lek Lai

100% Authentic Rainbow Lek Lai - Best Leklai that considered the most powerful of all Leklai.It has naturally 7 colors..sometimes called Rainbow Leklai..Been said that to have one Rainbow Leklai is like you have 7 pieces of top Leklai.

This 7 colored Lek Lai has been found at Umklum Mountain in Kanchanaburi and it is natural environment in a clean and calm cave without any bats live there. This type of Lek Lai likes honey very much and also it is often found near the hive by the narrow high cliffs. If that area does not have any bees or wasp’s nest, the Lek Lai will disappear but, the nest of it has still been there.

To have only one piece of 7 colored Lek Lai is equal to possess the top of all kinds of them are combined. They make the possessor will be success in the job and it can pass various obstacles, mercy and popular, life protection, devil and monster defending, offering fortune, escaping from all kinds of danger which is hard to compare with other amulets. It is suit for ascetic who has been performed of virtue for a long time.

The power and virtue of 7 colored Lek Lai has god, Brahma and hermit to protect and take care. By the result of merit from praying of the mentioned amulet has a valuable then, it makes many well-informed persons try to find and possess this type of Lek Lais. But, it is really hard to find it because it is rare in nature and the ton weighted of Lek Lais nest may find a little part of 7 colored Lek Lai only.

A person who has possessed this type will escape from all kinds of danger. If someone keep it in their car, they will be safe as well. In case of someone who is very bad luck, they miraculously can escape from the devil spirit cannot harm their possession. Due to the virtue of 7 colored Lek Lai makes spirit, thought, healthy body along with it and it is regarded as the most valuable thing for the ascetic. This 7 colored Lek Lai is suit for all walks to put aside the evil spirits, bad luck, being destined to die and to prevent the bad thing from funeral or wedding or anyone wants to take a life. This magic nature has self- grace which ordinary human cannot spell over it so, master or well-informed persons prefer to bring this holy minerals make the blessed water for illness healing and also it can defense sins that have not arrived yet.

This can be grown by honey feeding. In normally, it will take honey when it is the full moon night after that it is washed by pure water again in the morning. This method takes time for 2 – 3 months to indicate the growth of this type of Lek Lai clearly.

Feedback from many people who used to worship 7 colored Lek Lai share their experiences.

1. It was put on the altar table and kept praying everyday in the morning and evening. The results showed within 1 – 2 weeks that it was more vibrant color and it grew without feeding by honey at all.

2. Someone carried this type of Lek Lai by wrapping it into the plastic frame and that person was the dharma practitioner with keep praying every day. After that it showed the clear color together with there was some texture of 7 colored came out through although the back of amulet was only the brown nest in the beginning.

3. Someone carried this type of Lek Lai all the times because of they was hard to sleep and touch the sense of being annoyed by evil spirit and then they have put this amulet neither sleep nor wake. They cause the feeling of safe and comfortable.

Instruction: When you have already got 7 colored Lek Lai, you should keep doing the merit, practice the dharma, and pray. Moreover, it can feed by honey with the notice of color and growth.

To find our information, you can enhance the quality of 7 colored Lek Lai.

Spell for offering honey: Na Aud Mo Aud Tho Aut Na Aut  (3 Times)

The way of putting in tray with pedestal and worship

It will be done on Buddhist holy day; especially, on waxing moon 15 of Buddhist holy day (Full Moon). By bringing a glass of clean water, flower or scent (perfume, fragrant powder and etc.) put in the tray with pedestal with concentration at the same time.

Moon bathe

Moon bathing (Full Moon) is believed that 7 colored Lek Lai will absorb power from the moon. It causes that amulet has more powerful and also it is still pure (as it is acknowledged that it is identified scientifically that the moon has power to affect the world which causes flood tide, ebb tide and etc.)


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